In-house production “Exploring Identities” (2018)

A contemporary circus show examining the theme of identity over the course of one hour. In the theatrical production “Exploring Identities” a group of young artists illuminate how your life and identity can be shaped by the different decisions you make. Following different forks in the road can create parallel worlds. Who am I? Who do I want to be? Who can I be? The audience can await a mixture of breathtaking partner acrobatics, as well as elegant and whimsical moments on aerial silk and trapeze. Light and Video effects enhance the hour long performance.

The show was performed in Berlin, Graz, Linz and Bleiburg and is available for booking.



In-house production “Identity take” (2016)

“Identity taken” is a contemporary circus show with a duration of one hour, conceived and performed by twelve individual artists from Graz. The show sucessfully attracted around 750 people on four evenings.

Short description:
“Identity taken” explores the meaning of identity: It shows the search of an individual being and the question what defines ourselves as individuas. In the time of social media being part of our lives, we are confronted with the decision how to represent ourselves every day – some elements are shown, others remain oscure. Compliance, expectations, rebellion, self-awareness, discurs and unity – this production covers each state. This circus show consists of astonishing acrobatic elements, theater, elegant aerial silks and trapeze acts as well as live music. Black light is used as a special visual effect.

Production | Performance: Kerstin Oschabnig
Coaching: Maja Franke
Concept | Performance: Magdalena Öhler, Yasmine Heyer, Robert Stadler
Performance: Uwe Sattelkow, Oliver Schinnerl, Sophie Staudt, Julia Pauer, Kata Hooprevolution
Live-Music: Julia Pagitsch, Moe Jabu, Felix

This project was funded by the Federal Chancellery of Austria.