Cameo Acrobatix offers captivating performances with partner acrobatics and aerial silks. Watch these clips or request a show reel. Our reportoire consists of solo and duo acts, which combine elements from theater, dance and acrobatics. We are happy to provide a show which is especially tailored for your event.

What we are specialized in:

hand-to-hand, partner acrobatics, LED shows with acrobatics, aerial silks, blacklight acro shows, reverse playing pianist doing partner acrobatics

Acrobatic Group Acts

Akrobatik Artistik Shows Berlin
SOS Kinderdorf©Akrosphäre

Duo Acrobatic Acts

Partnerakrobatik Duo
SAFE©Safe acrobatics

Aerial Silks Acts

Vertikaltuch Tuchact Berlin Galashow
Tuntenball©The spirit of reality

Gala shows

Galashow Gala Act Mitternachtseinlage
Tuntenball©Psenner Images

Partner Acrobatics

Artistik Akrobatik Duo Show
Congress Award©MCG/Wiesner

Duo Aerial Silks

Duo Aerial Silks Vertikaltuch
Galashow©Dance Production

Street Art

Aerial Silks Duo Vertikaltuch
Straßen.Kunst.Festival©Dominik Izaquil Tome

Blacklight & LED Acts

Schwarzlicht Akrobatik Show
Explosiv©Günther Floeck

Aerial rope

Vertikalseil Luftartistin
Taylor Mac©Berliner Festspiele/Eike Walkenhorst

Videomaterial (references)









Photoshootings and Commercials

with aerial silks and partner acrobatics

Artistic skills like partner acrobatics and aerial arts get more and more popular for commercial photo and video shoots. In the past Cameo Acrobatix was part of the teaser of the Berlin Circus Festivals 2018 and a promo campaign from Berlinovo. Please get in contact with your request for commercial photo shoots with any aerial apparatus or acrobatic solo/duo skills.


Teaser Berlin Circus Festival
Kerstin Oschabnig and Jon Allingham (representing partner acrobatics in Berlin)