Everyone looking for a unique way to entertain their audience, is at the right address. Cameo Acrobatix offers captivating performances in partner acrobatics and aerial silks. Watch this clip or request a show reel. Our reportoire consists of solo and duo acts, which combine elements from theater, dance and acrobatics. We are happy to provide a show which is especially tailored for your event.

What we are specialized in: Hand-to-Hand, Partner acrobatics, LED shows with acrobatics, aerial silks, blacklight acro shows


Aktuelle Stücke



A short encounter | 7 or 10 minutes partner acrobatics act

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Schwarzlicht Akrobatik Show black light acrobatic show | 5 – 7 minutes

Vertikaltuch Berlin Aerial silks solo act | 3 – 5 minutes

Videomaterial (references)






Fotoshootings and advertisements

with aerial silks and acrobatics


Teaser Berlin Circus Festival
Kerstin Oschabnig and Jon Allingham represent partner acrobatics in Berlin

Foto shooting for Berlinovo

Fotoshooting Aerial Silks Taxi Berlin